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Stay Cool This Summer

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Today is going to be the first scorcher of the year and we look forward to more hot days this summer. You may struggle with good ways to stay cool this summer season so we have some suggestions for you! Of course, all our suggestions will not only help you beat the heat, but will be tooth-friendly too!

1. Drink a nice cold glass of water or make a home-made smoothie with no added sugar. Here are two great recipes with dental-friendly ingredients!

2. If you do have a cool drink, and you use ice cubes, try not to chew them! Chewing ice cubes can often lead to chipped teeth or other dental problems. If you use them in your drink, allow them to melt naturally or keep them in your mouth until they melt.

3. For a nice fresh breath, and simulated cool breeze in your mouth, chew sugar-free, mint-flavored gum.

4. Instead of reaching for the ice cream, try freezing some seedless grapes for a nice, refreshing snack. Other great fruits that can be frozen but will still be soft enough to not cause damage to your teeth are watermelon, bananas, and even avocado! You could even go a step further and put together these Fruit Kebabs with both fresh and frozen fruit.

5. If you can't resist the ice cream, try this recipe for Banana Ice Cream.

6. Go for a swim! However, if you are going to be playing a contact sport like water polo, or doing some other water sports like wakeboarding, be sure to use a mouth guard!

If you have any other tips, please share! And we always have the air conditioning going in our office if you want to pop in for a cool down to say hello!

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