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Halloween is Here!

Happy Halloween!

The day is finally here where we will all be swimming in candy! Hopefully you have been a bit better prepared and know what candies to avoid this holiday if you've been reading our posts.

Around our house, we know that we'll never win the battle of 'no candy' so we have come to a compromise which works well for us: The kids (and us too, a little) are able to go crazy with their treats for three days, and by Friday, whatever remains, will find its way to the trash.

It is especially important when eating more sugar than normal that you brush and floss even more diligently so the bacteria does not have any opportunity to build up on your teeth. Remember to try to avoid really sticky and really hard candies as well because they can cause physical damage, not just cavities.

The folks at WebMD have also put together a great article about Halloween candy which you can find here.

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe time out there tonight!

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