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What We Learned at Yankee Dental

Sorry for the long absence! As I'm sure is the case with you, the holiday craziness continued right in to January here at the office, but we are back on track and ready to share more with you!

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice. – Brian Herbert

On January 26th, the entire office attended the annual Yankee Dental Conference at Boston Convention Center. This four-day event sees thousands of attendees, hundreds of vendors, and many talented educators all joining together for the purpose of continuing education and advancements in dentistry. Our team attended a number of different classes and want to share with you what we learned! If you want to learn more, contact us at the office.

50 Shades of Inflammation – The Body, Mind, Mouth Connection – Dr. Uche Odiatu

  • It is important to find ways to lower your inflammatory burden because inflammation leads to fatigue, obesity, and disease.

  • This can be accomplished with exercise, diet, and sleep

  • Oral health has an effect on your overall body health.

  • Periodontal disease has been shown to increase the length of time it takes to conceive by two months!

  • Gut flora has as much impact on your health as your genes do

  • Your gut flora love high fiber foods such as nuts, apples, and olive oil: all tooth healthy foods!

Coding and Insurance Skills for the Dental Office – Teresa Duncan

  • Do you know what type of dental plan you have?

  • PPO = Preferred Provider Organization: You can see a number of different providers for a reduced rate, and can often see other providers as well but with a higher copay.

  • EPO = Exclusive Provider Organization: You can generally only see providers in your given network.

  • DMO = Dental Maintenance Organization: You choose a doctor when you first enroll for your plan and you can only be seen at that office.

  • FFS = Fee For Service: You can see any doctor at any office and will be subject to their rates.

  • Does your plan downgrade? Sometimes plans will choose the ‘least expensive alternate treatment’ to pay out under, rather than covering the completed service.

  • Do you have secondary insurance? Some secondary plans have a ‘non-duplication of benefits’ clause, meaning that that coverage will only take effect once your primary plan has been depleted.

Pediatric Specialty Symposium – Dr. Martha Ann Keels and Dr. Philip Slonkosky

  • More and more research has emerged linking various decay patterns (placement and prevalence of cavities) with a child’s diet.

  • Prevention strategies to help prevent these patterns of decay include:

  • Awareness of the importance of diet (ie. Limiting sugar intake, ingesting more fiber)

  • Using a fluoride rinse at home

  • Seeing a dentist for regular check-ups

Digital Summit 2018 – Dentsply Sirona

  • In-office 3D Imaging is the future of x-ray technology. Our office moved to digital imaging in 2012 and 3D will be the next step in providing the best care possible to you. While we are not there yet, we hope that in the future we can bring this exciting technology to our office!

  • This type of imaging allows dentist to get a more comprehensive view of not only your teeth, but your entire mouth. It also facilitates a wide range of diagnosis and treatment planning options that can lead to better treatment success.

How Dental Assistants Can Become Leaders in the Practice – April Sluiter

  • Working with different personalities in the office can be a challenge but is learning to be flexible is essential to the success of a dental team.

  • When arguments arise, it is important to always try to view the other person’s objective so that you can better understand their objection and you can work together to resolve the issue.

Modulating Periodontal Inflammation Through Nutrition – Dr. Timothy Donley

  • Discussion of how overall health affects oral health

  • There is a strong correlation between inflammation and periodontal disease

  • Nutrition plays a large role in your oral health.

We are motivated to learn and continually improve so that not only can we grow within our professions, but also provide better care to you. We hope you learned something, just as we did!

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